Of course, if we are excavating to strip off an old lawn or to level or terrace a site it could be the perfect time to install a pop-up sprinkler system. Our founding director was a consultant for irrigation component manufacturers in Israel back in the 1990s. You can see on this website a slideshow of his first installation down in Dorking that was installed in 1998....we still maintain that system, annually, for the new owners who inherited it when they purchased the property in 2018.

We can design anything from a simple single-zone drip irrigation circuit for pots and hanging baskets operating from a tap connected controller operated via Bluetooth from a smartphone right up to a multi-zone system that might use rainwater stored in and pumped from a harvesting tank with the option of automated top-up from a mains supply if and when needed. Today's high-quality pumps - we use and recommend Lowara - can create effective wide radius general watering from rotating pop-up sprinklers that are set in the ground many, many metres away from the tank and pump itself.  To establish new planting - especially hedgerows or rose beds - we often install parallel lines of LDPE drip lines with individual pressure compensated drippers spaced at 30 cm intervals each emitting water at the precise rate of 1.5 litres per hour per dripper.

See a range of examples and case studies in our gallery.

What we do....

The pictures included here illustrate a range of services that we have carried out for clients...both landlords and private home owners. Perhaps you have similar needs? Simply click on an image and you can then scroll through additional pictures to give you a fuller idea of what we can tackle.

Lighting your Garden correctly makes all the difference!

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