We use the best and most innovative products to bring the ultimate in Extension and Remodelling design to whatever size of house you own. Even the most modest home can be reviewed and with the odd wall maybe removed can be reconfigured and cleverly refitted to create useful additional space or features.

Rather than the expense of moving home, how about bringing the outside in by adding an extension with Bi-fold sliding doors and developing your garden into a true ‘outside room’ which in conjunction with some clever reworking of your interior space can breathe new life into your home.

Whether you want to add a ground floor rear or side extension or wish to refurbish - inside or out - we have plenty of experience to share to help you create inspired, stylish spaces.

What we do....

The pictures included here illustrate a range of services that we have carried out for clients...both landlords and private home owners. Perhaps you have similar needs? Simply click on an image and you can then scroll through additional pictures to give you a fuller idea of what we can tackle.

15EA Extension and Garden

98HS 70's Art Deco Bungalow to Contemporary 4 bed family home....in association with Oodles Works Ltd

160WL. Don't move improve - wrap around side and rear extension

Lighting your Home correctly makes all the difference!

Speak to one of our friendly experts on 01908 669335 to see how lighting can help bring out the most of your garden features


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