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Verdant and Bright Garden and Home Party Tents are not only strong but also beautiful and give you instantly great outdoor spaces to party in. So, whether you are planning a wedding, a family get together or party then our tents are perfect to keep your guests covered in style.

So, extend those summer evenings and party into the wee small hours knowing your party is safe from the vagaries of the English weather.

Available in the following sizes:




Make the most of your party tent and your outside space by including our Speakers and Sound-Activated colour change lights to create the perfect party venue.

In certain circumstances we may be able to help with a rental service if needed, but for now please complete the form with your requirement and one of our specialists will call you back.

Lighting your Party Tent correctly makes all the difference!

Speak to one of our friendly experts on 01908 669335 to see how adding dramatic lighting to your Party Tent can help add sparkle to your event.

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