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Verdant and Bright Garden and Home are delighted to offer our clients a  "Party Support” package.

When we went through the “trauma "of knocking down our own inherited uPVC conservatory to replace it with a contemporary ground floor extension with bifold doors leading out to the, by then, temporarily trashed outdoor space we 'bit the bullet' and designed and built ourselves a new garden geared up for entertaining family and friends.

Around the perimeter we included some classic elements like new, low maintenance, planting contained within raised beds built at 'bum height' for additional casual seating around the perimeter which framed a new level lawn and a couple of seating areas - one for dining and one for lounging. We then added a bespoke tile clad, granite topped 'cook out' with built in BBQ/rotisserie and counter top pizza oven which we then enhanced with some nice remote control ambient garden lighting, an automated irrigation system and a garden studio office/music room….

….after all that work we wanted to celebrate by hosting a party in the modest sized garden for friends, family and the colleagues who helped with the build!

As a result we ended up researching and purchasing some pretty good and effective party equipment which we have been very pleased with and are now more than happy to recommend…or even hire or sell on... to others.

We can either purchase new on your behalf and deliver to you some or all of exactly the same “kit *” as we own and you can see in use here on our website* (see below) or you are welcome to hire ours - subject to availability - and we can deliver it and set it up as a “package” at your property or venue. If you decide you’d like to keep it you can purchase it on a “sold as used/seen” basis for a nominal extra charge over and above the agreed rental fee you will have already paid…or we can simply return to your venue, take it down, pack it up and take it back to our base for a nominal additional “end of hire” charge. We want to be as flexible, accommodating and as fair as we can in order to help you host a great party….especially if we happen to have designed and/or built your garden for you.

If you’d like some live entertainment for your party our own In House Band - "As You Were" - can - subject to postcode - can sound check all the PA equipment and lighting and stay on to perform some classic 60’s/70’s party tracks and maybe your requests - if we know them!) and even let you join in to play and/or sing along "live on stage"….it is not uncommon for a client…or one of their friends ….to take my place as the rhythm guitarist!

We do not claim to be a professional marquee hire company or party planners - and definitely not caterers - or A-list entertainers, but we do know how to have fun….even at our advanced life stage. The younger members of our team are very fit and adept at erecting party tents in the garden… might turn out that the equipment we own, use and recommend provides a useful, pragmatic alternative to perhaps risking the use of your prized domestic hi-fi. We know that ours is robust enough... and loud enough... to cope with up to, say for example, 100 guests in your garden!

For your Party we can supply

1 or more Gala P.E. party tents at either 4m x 4m, 4m x 6m or 4m x 8m
(other sizes can be bought in especially on request)

A sub-zero PA system with Bluetooth connectivity or the use of input phono sockets for a mini-jack output from your laptop, tablet or phone. It is a 700W 10” portable PA system. Click HERE to download more info.

2 speaker stands

A pair of quality stage microphones…e.g. Shure brand and powered stage monitor speakers/fold backs.

4 x LED RGB colour changing stage/party lights : sound to light or programmable : with light mounting bar if needed.

A V&B G&H "party tracks for our generation”…standard play list : 3 hours of playing time… is supplied on a USB memory stick compatible with our PA system…to help get your party started.

We can supply the above kit - brand new - to a given detailed specification - for you to keep after your party for around £1425.00 plus VAT - depending on final package content - plus a nominal delivery charge based on a return trip from and back to MK10 9BT at 25p per mile.

For that price - the 4m wide x 6m long Gala PE Tent is included and we will assemble and erect the tent onto a clear, reasonably level site, set up and sound check the PA equipment and lighting. We will then connect your own supplied sound source and optimise the sound output for you then to manage throughout your event….unless you’d like us to stay to help!

Optional extras :

Input splitters, extra long cables and an additional pair of speakers on stands to enable one to be placed in each corner of the tent thereby supplying balanced stereo all around sound.

Extra led colour change lights ….to colour the roof lining…for you to control remotely from your phone during your event….we’ll show you how.

Electric remote control projector screen….to be mounted in apex of one end of party tent…a range of cable extensions available…just allocate us an accessible mains power socket that we can plug into!

HD quality projector for mounting on ridge bar of party tent with extra long HDMI cable for direct connection of your laptop, tablet or compatible device


If booked far enough in advance we can prepare you maybe a chronological or random slide show from photos you supply to us …..we can respectfully scan…and return to you. Original printed photos and include the scans alongside more recent .jpg digital photos that can be emailed to us or supplied on an SD Card or USB memory stick.

A tailor made price can be quoted specifically for you for any combination of the standard services listed above - as a whole or in part - for any combination of options that is of genuine interest to you

The more notice you can give us the better service we can give you…..popular weekend dates inevitably get booked up very quickly each year and at the moment we only have one 'team van' on the road providing this service and usually within a 25 mile radius of Milton Keynes.

Hire of pre-used equipment is typically available from us at approximately 20% of the current outright supplier’s current price to purchase it new - if booked far enough in advance - with the option of that hire charge then being used as a stage payment towards buying some or all of the equipment you’ve just hired from us outright…..for a price to be agreed. That price would reflect the age of the ex hire equipment and the cost saving to us of the team not needing to pack it up to bring back to base. Hopefully a win-win outcome…especially if you think you or your family might be inspired to host similar events in future.

Please let us know as far in advance as possible if you think we can help your party go with a swing and can provide you with some protection from the English elements….

We’d love to help…


Please complete the Below Form and we will call you straight back.




(I'm the old boy....proprietor, “party gear guinea pig” and enthusiastic but limited rhythm guitar player who occasionally is allowed to accompany our in house line up of genuine experienced semi-pro musicians - Graeme on drums, Alan on bass guitar, Steve on lead guitar. Our band..."As You Were"...regularly gig live (no backing tracks involved) and provide natural vocal harmonies to a wide range of very popular numbers from “our era" (we were all born in the mid to late 50’s)….and... we always carry a spare microphone or 2 in case a keen party guest is permitted by our client to participate…no charge to borrow my guitar!"


*subject to ongoing availability from the suppliers we worked with

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