Garden Maintenance Damaged Fences

Replacing and Improving Storm Damaged Fence

The Brief: To remove storm damaged fence and posts and replace it with a new higher quality version.

During storms earlier this year, a significant length of fencing and fence posts were damaged beyond repair so a better quality, significantly stronger alternative was required given the direction and funnelling of the winds in the area. After an initial survey of the site and discussions with the owners of neighbouring properties, it was decided that using concrete fence posts would be both aesthetically acceptable as well as structurally stronger and able to cope with the worst of the wind conditions.

With regards to the fencing itself, we looked at the available options along with the client and agreed that a bespoke panel with a gapped slat design offered the best combination of strength, looks and value.

If you look at the bottom right of the image you can see where we have strengthened the bank of the small river, that runs along the side of the property, and then ‘let out’ the panel to make this into a decorative feature.

We are delighted with the final result which not only resolved the issue of replacing the storm damage but also enhanced a part of the garden which was otherwise not used for too much!

Kettering, Northamptonshire.